Saturday, August 8, 2009

Note from the Editor

लास्ट (that is Hindi script. Pretty isn't it?)

Last Thursday, Don McCaig friend and colleague persistently hinted that this club needed an organizer. His request needled me sleepless.

Now, why would I volunteer for this, you may ask? Have you ever met someone that is OCD about organizing stuff? Like for example, when I go to the store and browse the shelves and see a mess, what do I do? Well, I'll tell you I cannot shop till that mess is fixed. I'll reorg the boxes, shop items, and whatever so I can "comfortably" make my decision. Ugh, like who wants a dented can of something? How do I know I got the best one from among the mess?

Well, I see organizations like this and I use web tools to help organize them and make them successful.

Also I cannot stand for someone to ask for something and not give it to them if I have it. Now, that doesn't work for money.

If you ask me for money, I might give you a buck. Which reminds me, years ago I wrote a column titled "Bucks for Beggars". I wonder how many bucks that job pays? Anyone know?

Well, anyways here I am creating a little blogspot for "The Write Job" clublet to organize themselves.

What I learned from visiting them last Thursday is that they are still very much in the development stage and have an initiator named Fletch and three possible organizers and me (a web publisher).

Organizing your meeting on the web serves several purposes:
  • Web exposure
  • Web blogging skills (you need it, may as well learn it)
  • Consolidates all current info in one place
  • Provides information to searchers wanting to hook up with you
  • Provides friends with similar interests
  • Advertises your Location, Meeting Times
  • Allows you to share your thoughts, writing skills, and comaraderie

I could go on, but I think you get the drift. Hope you enjoy "The Write Job" clublet. They looked like interesting, and friendly folk. So, I bet they will come up with a lot of juicy stories.


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  1. LOL about organizing stuff in stores while shopping. I do that too! I'm also the person who fills the printer paper tray and swaps in a new roll of toilet paper.


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